Since 2008 the MidSouth Alternative Investment Association ("MSAIA") has been an educational and networking nonprofit organization. 

The organization began during the initial rumblings of the Global Financial Crisis as the MidSouth Hedge Fund Association (MSHFA). Five lunch partners a Bricktops in December 2007 agreed to come together every quarter and bring a few friends.

At our first event in March 2008, a Nashville mixer, attendees included forty professionals with experience in private equity, real estate, hedge funds and managed futures. The name of our association changed very quickly to the MidSouth Alternative Investment Association (MSAIA) to reflect the breadth of the alternative investment industry practitioners who had expressed interest in meeting others in the region.

Primary Objectives


Board of Directors

Chairman and Sponsorship:      Greg Dyra

Membership:                              Pat Turns

Treasurer and Finance :             Scott Hodgson

Event Planning:                        Greg Dyra

Secretary and Best Practices:   David Pruitt

Staff/ Volunteers

Greg Dyra - Membership Committee and Membership Liaison

Matthew Dyra - Assistant Manager of Events and Technology

Laura Dyra - Event Planner

TBA - Member Services Coordinator

Protocol at Meetings

MSAIA members and guests are strongly encouraged to behave in a manner which is supportive to the goals of networking and knowledge sharing.

Money managers and service providers should offer their business card only when an investor first offers their own business card.