Member Benefits

Member benefits will increase as the association grows. Those benefits currently include:

Education: Attendance at Association programs, which will offer commentary by and discussion with leading industry speakers.

Industry networking: Exposure to and professional networking with other association members that may provide valuable services and/or skills. Our web site - - includes an online demographic profile, as well as a roster of the Board of Advisors, Officers and Sponsors.  

Job board: We have added an online job board that provides a resource for MSAIA members to post available employment and for MSAIA members to view the jobs that have been posted and contact the sources of those job listings.

We welcome any feedback or suggestions regarding our activities and how we can be responsive to your interests.

Membership Dues - None at the current time

Membership in the MidSouth Alternative Investment Association is currently underwritten by several corporate sponsors.

Currently $0 for all membership levels.